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National Art Honor Society and Life Long Artist

National ART Honor Society


 N.A.H.S is a national organization dedicated to improving art appreciation in our community as well as improving ourselves as individual artists. Some of the projects we do in the community are mural painting, holiday window painting, and teaching art to elementary students. This list of ways to serve our community will grow and change as we do. As a senior, you can receive graduation cords and it looks great on a college resume. Requirements for being a member of NAHS are:

      • Good citizenship
      • Academic achievement (3.0 average) in Art
      • Artistic ability or love of art (photography is included)
      • Has completed 1 high school art course 
      • $5 dues paid to the national organization
      • Volunteer hours of service
  • We have our meetings every Tuesday at lunch. All members get group text on the activities they can volunteer for.
  • The goal is 20 hours as a Junior and 20 hours as a Senior to earn graduation cords. Sophomore hours can count toward this goal.
  • We earn money for graduation cords, badges, and events that we use as a service to our Bayfield community. Holiday window painting for local businesses is our major source of fundraising money.
  • We have Junior and Senior Officers who lead our N.A.H.S. club
We have a lot of fun and this is the place for creative and artistic students to belong to a positively motivated group.


As a current member of the National Art Educators Association, Kathy Neal is the designated sponsor of the Bayfield High School N.A.H.S. Chapter #2671.


2020-2021 Officers for both clubs are:

President- Royce Hinojosa 

Vice President-Reissa Gottlieb

Secretary- Maddy Hollingsworth



Our C.T.E club is Life Long Artist. We share the same members and some of the same activities as the N.A.H.S. club.