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Course Description

Algebra 2 is the study of functions and the translations of the graphs of those functions. The course extends the content of Algebra I and provides further development of the concept of a function. Topics include: (1) relations, functions, equations and inequalities; (2) conic sections; (3) polynomials; (4) algebraic fractions; (5) logarithmic and exponential functions; (6) sequences and series; (7) counting principles and probability; and (8) circular trigonometry. A scientific calculator (such as the TI-30XS) is required. Prerequisite: Geometry
Class Announcements
Supplies Needed Students will need a graph paper composition notebook, loose-leaf paper and 3 ring binder, pencil, and scientific or graphing (preferred) calculator for each class day. Composition notebooks can be purchased from the math department for $2 and calculators can be rented from the department on a first come first serve basis ($5 for the year or $0.25 per class period for scientific and $20/year or $0.50/class period for graphing calculator). We highly encourage students to buy their own because we have a limited number. The math department will have a limited number for purchase.
See the Math Department home page for information regarding getting additional help outside of class.
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