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Welcome back! We are entering a new year at BHS. The 2020-2021 school year will be an exciting, crazy time for all of us. It will be a challenge that offers many new opportunities. Together we will go forward and make this an amazing and wonderful experience that makes us all stronger.




Mr. Bishop, the head of the technology department, working with Mrs. Guy, have made available to all students of Bayfield High School, an app from Texas Instruments that gives the full functionality of the TI-84 graphing calculators right on your chromebook.  You can go to the APPS list on your chromebook and it should be right there.  If you are having trouble accessing it, please let us know and we will try to help you get it set up.


Thank you, Mr. Bishop, Mrs. Guy, and the wonderful people from Texas Instruments!


For those of you with some statistics background, head to the STATISTICS page to find a little something of relevance.


For those of you facing the AP Calculus test, head over to the CALCULUS page to find some material you can work through to help prepare yourselves for the AP test.  Just so you know, there are no plans from the College Board to change the testing schedule for the AP tests.



The Math Department at Bayfield High School has created this website to more effectively communicate with students and parents in an effort to help our students be successful. Selecting your (your student's) class page will allow you to access important announcements and documents for success in that class.


Tutoring help is available after school on most Mondays and Thursdays in the high school math department. You can also check with department teachers to see if they will be available to provide help in the mornings after 7:30 a.m.


Tutors can be hired to provide one-on-one help if necessary.  Contact the math department for a list of names and contact information.


Please contact your teacher or the department chair with additional questions or concerns.      


Jeff Misener- Department Chair

Statistics, Calculus

Room 206                       970-884-9521 ext. 3206



Jenni Guy

Foundations for Algebra, Algebra 2, and Function Analysis/Trig

Room 215                       970-884-9521 ext. 3215



Jessica Hall

Geometry, Honors Geometry, and Math 108 (PCC)

Room 211                        970-884-9521 ext. 3211



Colter McMenimen

Algebra 1, Geometry

Room 213                       970-884-9521 ext. 3213



Audrey Stansberry

Geometry, Algebra 2

Room 217                       970-884-9521 ext. 3217