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The Wolverine Academy

What is Wolverine Academy?

Wolverine Academy (WAC) is an alternative learning environment that specializes in hands on activities and real world applications for learning. With project-based instruction for academics and a strong social-emotional curriculum embedded into daily practices, Wolverine Academy offers a supportive and personal approach to learning. Students are challenged at their level, engage in meaningful work, and have multiple opportunities to show mastery. Class norms are based on mutual respect and the achievement of academic and personal goals.

What makes Wolverine Academy a great place to learn?

Small class sizes

Project-based learning

Student-driven topics
Real life experiences

Education that fits each student

Competency-based grading

A supportive environment

Community service

Credit recovery

Option for college credit courses

Individual support

Q: What does “alternative” in an alternative program mean?

A: Alternative stands for a non-traditional learning curriculum with the student at the center. At Wolverine Academy the curriculum is anchored on project-based learning and place-based learning. The philosophy behind an alternative curriculum is to engage students who previously felt disengaged in a traditional setting for various reasons.


Q: What is project-based learning? How does it help my student?

A: Project-based learning (PBL) is an instructional approach designed to immerse students in real-world learning and engage students in individualized, meaningful projects. The approach enables students to take ownership of their education, work at their own pace, and receive one-on-one support from instructors. For more information visit PBLWorks.org.


Q: What is place-based learning?

A: Place-based learning focuses on connecting student curriculum to the local community and region. Through experiential opportunities, students study local landscapes, heritage, and culture in order to deepen their understanding of core learning material.


Q: What are the options for internships, work study programs, and college credit courses?

A: At Wolverine Academy, we strongly encourage students to participate in experiences that provide exposure to post-secondary opportunities. We will work closely with students to integrate pre-existing internship/work study programs and seek opportunities for students interested in pursuing an internship/work study. In addition, students can enroll in courses for college credit through Pueblo Community College (PCC).


Q: How do I apply for Wolverine Academy?

A: After completing the application please send it to hforsthoff@bayfield.k12.co.us or return it in-person to the BHS Counseling Office. Please reach out via phone or email if you would like to schedule a site visit before submitting the application.