Math committee chooses new curriculum

Assistant Superintendent Bill Hesford recommended to the board at their April 9 meeting that they approve adoption of Carnegie Learning Integrated Mathematics products for secondary mathematics instructional materials. He provided board members with the process by which the committee made their decision, and community members can see that process here.

The committee — made up of the mathematics teams at both the high school and middle school, as well as building and district leaders — began researching four different sets of secondary math curriculum in October. In a process that lasted through February, they rated them against a mathematics curriculum rubric. Scoring the rubric provided the committee with two finalists, and a deeper review was conducted of those materials in March. 

All of the secondary math teachers in the district had the opportunity to participate in both rounds of reviews, and now the public is being invited to go to Carnegie Learning MS and HS Math Curriculum to explore the course structure and features of the digital tools offered. Community stakeholders are also being asked to provide their input on the materials they view by filling out this Math Curriculum Feedback Form.

If the board does choose to adopt the Carnegie Learning Integrated Mathematics curriculum, the district will order their new materials this spring and schedule onboarding and follow-up training for late spring and summer. Administrators will work with staff members to develop plans for implementation and support of the new curriculum so it can be in place when students arrive at school in the fall.

Hesford explained to the board that the district periodically reviews and updates curriculum in all subject areas, and money is budgeted each year to cover the cost of new curriculums, textbooks and other learning materials — which are generally used for approximately 5 years. The district will be undergoing a similar review in a different subject area next year.