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T.S.A. - Technology Student Association

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       Committee and Officers for 2017/2018

President - TBD

The president presides over and conducts all meetings in accordance with parliamentary procedure; keeps the members’ discussion to the subject at hand and within time limits; appoints committee chairs and serves on committees, except the nominating committee, as an ex-officio (non-voting) member; represents the association at all functions; coordinates the association by keeping in touch with other officers, the membership, and the advisors; and keeps himself/herself informed to ensure that the association is moving according to its program of activities.

Vice President - TBD

The vice president assists the president in the discharge of his or her duties. The vice-president presides at meetings and other functions in the absence of the president and must be prepared to assume the office of the president if necessary. The vice president is in charge of all committee work and the management of committee assignments. He/she works closely with all committees, keeping well informed of their activities.

Secretary - TBD

The secretary prepares and reads the minutes of meetings; sends out and posts meeting notices; has the agenda for each meeting available for the president; reads communications at meetings; counts and records votes when taken; attends to official correspondence; keeps permanent records; and maintains and has ready for each meeting current descriptions of officers’ duties and a Secretary’s Record.

Treasurer - TBD

The treasurer administers and is responsible for association funds. He/she keeps financial records in order and up to date; devises fund raising activities with the cooperation of the appropriate committee and the approval of the membership and advisor; assists in preparing an annual budget; serves on the enterprising and finance committees as an ex-officio (non-voting) member; and protects the financial reputation of the association.

Sargent At Arms - TBD

The sergeant-at-arms is responsible for the physical setup of meetings, banquets, and gatherings. He/she secures the use of any meeting room and facility, assists in seating arrangements, and assures that all necessary equipment is at hand and operating. They will also facilitate, plan or help with all activities setup and take down. The SAA will also act in the capacity of maintaining membership role and parctipation.

Fundraising Officer - TBD

Fundraising is done by everyone by every member of the TSA and is coordinated by the Fund Raising Officer. The Fundraising Officer can delegate tasks and liaise with other officers to get activities off the ground and running. Teh Fund Raising Officer is responsible for making sure that plans are progressing and liaise with the Treasurer on funds beings raised.

Public Relations/Media - TBD

The reporter gathers association news; prepares news releases and articles for publication in local and statewide newspapers; acquaints local newspaper editors with information about TSA; assists in the planning and arranging of association exhibits; and collects and prepares news and feature stories of association activities for national publications.

Webmaster - TBD

Takes responsibility for the development and maintaining the BHS TSA Website


Officer(s) - TBD

Officers have general direction over TSA affairs. They consult with and advise the president and other TSA officers with regard to actions they propose to take. Officers help plan, organize, and implement class programs and, with the other officers, approve successors to officer vacancies appointed by the president. Officers often assume needed positions in the TSA associated with a particular project or activity.