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Foundations for Algebra is a preparation to Algebra 1.  We will be using the Foundations book from the College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) series. In this course we will develop conceptual understanding of abstract ideas that will be needed to be successful in algebra 1 and we will help build basic math skills that are foundational to success in high school mathematics.  Another function of this course is to teach students how to become active participants in the learning process.  Much of the class is focused around group work and activities where students are learning from each other.  In order to be successful in mathematics it is critical that students actively participate in their learning.  This means that each student must read and work all of the problems.  Students need to discuss mathematical concepts and the reasoning involved in the steps of their solutions.  It is critical that students complete ALL of the assignments, including homework, to develop their individual skills.  Equally important is that students take accurate, complete notes and ask questions about any problem, question, or concept that they find confusing or difficult to understand.


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Students will need a composition notebook, three-ring binder with lined paper and graph paper. Composition notebooks can be purchased from the math department for $1. A resource notebook Toolkit will be given to each student to hook into the three-ring binder.  This notebook will help the students organize their notes and will be allowed to be used on most tests for this course. The student’s text book should also be in the three-ring binder and should be part of the equipment brought to class daily.  A calculator, pencil, and pens will also be needed and should be brought to class daily.


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