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Course Description
Geometry studies, develops, and practices problem solving skills using inductive and deductive reasoning that provides the mathematical skills and background required for high school and college mathematics courses. Geometry provides the vocabulary and skills needed to understand and organize geometrical concepts. It involves student students in a deductive system of thought that involves points, lines, angles, polygons, polyhedrons, and circles. The course includes applications of algebra to geometry, and elementary trigonometric concepts. A scientific calculator (such as the TI-30XS) is required. Prerequisite: Algebra 1
Class announcements

Supplies Needed: Students will need a composition notebook, pencil, loose-leaf paper and 3 ring binder, protractor, compass, straightedge (ruler) and scientific calculator for each class day. Please spend the extra money ($8-$12 range) to get a quality compass as students will need these all year and cheaper options do not last. Composition notebooks can be purchased from the math department for $1 and scientific calculators can be rented from the department on a first come first serve basis ($5 for the year or $0.25 per class period). We highly encourage students to buy their own because we have a limited number.
See the Math Department home page for information regarding getting additional help outside of class.
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