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Bayfield High School Spanish

Hello all. I am very much looking foward to the 20-21 year of Spanish here at Bayfield High. I am very much commited to providing a quality education for students as well as maintating clear communication during these unprecedented times. If you have any questtions or comments please feel free to reach me at
All work for the 2020-2021 school year will be distrubuted via Google Classroom. 
1st Hour: Spanish 1 
Code: m4apzej
1st Hour: Spanish 2
Code: jr2uowz
3rd Hour: Spanish 1 
Code: fdex63g
3rd Hour: Spanish 2 
Code: yetu3np
4th Hour: Spanish 1 
Code: annyuwh
4th Hour: Spanish 2 
Code: sbklpth
5th Hour: Spanish 1 
Code: zw2eak3  
5th Hour: Spanish 2 
Code: ubg5jwk
6th Hour: Advanced HS Spanish 
Code: 7zojtrr
Students progess and grades are updated frequently on Power School. Parent login information is avalible in the front office.