AP Biology

If you are enrolled in AP Biology for the 2020-2021 school year, please check your email for an invitation to a summer google classroom where you will find your summer assignments. If you do not see an invite, please email Ms. Paulek or Ms. Dvorak. 
AP Biology designed to be a college level course designed around the Course and Exam Description and Unit Guides set for by the College Board. Students complete coursework in preparation for the AP biology exam where they can earn college credit by their performance on the exam. Find more details here. It is designed to be a course that integrates college level biology content, thinking skills, and applied math. 25% of this course is lab based. Topics covered include 
                    • The Chemistry of Life
                    • Cell structure and function
                    • Cellular energetics
                    • Cell communication and cycle
                    • Heredity
                    • Genetics
                    • Natural Selection and Adaptation
                    • Ecology
Google Classroom will be our digital platform for this course. You will be able to find everything needed to complete your at home work, as well as much of the work we do in class. You can also contact me directly through Google classroom about any assignment. 
This year, we will begin sending some labs home. Be on the lookout for an "At-home lab equipment use agreement" coming home with your lab kit. 
Our syllabus and safety policies can be found both on google classroom, and using the link on the right hand side of this page. 
Google Classroom
Contact Ms. Paulek for a join code or check your school email for an invite.